Sweet Legacy was birthed from the love of bringing friends and family together to celebrate important moments in life. Through years of experience in event planning and hosting parties, we’ve filled our shop with our favorite decorations and many beautiful vintage pieces.

We believe every person is a guest of honor and every party should reflect their importance. We built a private venue with all of our decorations to help create an atmostphere of celebration and fun.

We’re excited to share our collections and help others host great parties. We’re incredibly passionate about what we do and we’re committed to helping people — which is why a portion of our sales go to feed hungry kids around the world.

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A family owned business means everyone gets their photo on our website!

meet the hostesses

Tammy & Larry Hurt

Tammy and Larry are the power couple who dream big and do hard things. Parents of eight kids — two adopted and one special needs.

Sarah Hurt
Creative Director

Sarah has been drawing on everything since she was three years old. She’s also our best dressed employee.

Molly Hurt
Marketing Director

Molly loves problem solving and fixing things. She credits her ability to the Nancy Drew computer games she played until she left for college.

charlie hurt
office mascot

Charlie loves to snuggle and play. He sniffs everything and has never met a human he doesn’t like.